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Your Thoughts and Feelings Have Power

Healium is a biometrically-controlled, drugless solution for stress, a $300B profit and people killer. This digiceutical is powered by the user's feelings of love and calm via their wearables and our proprietary technology. These therapeutic stories packaged in a portable, digital kit allow users to see their feelings heal virtual world.

Frontiers in Psychology and the Journal of Neuroregulation both published studies on Healium’s ability to quickly reduce anxiety and increase feelings of positivity in as little as four minutes using real-time EEG feedback and heart rate. Healium is used worldwide in areas of acute, workplace, 

According to the World Health Organization, stress is the 21st-century EPIDEMIC. Healium is a reminder that your thoughts and feelings have power. Our immersive media channel helps users become more self-aware of their feelings, their ability to control their stress level, and the brain patterns associated with neuromeditation. With our loving-kindness and quiet mind content, Healium is a powerful tool for people who might struggle with traditional meditation .

Think of Healium like power steering for mindfulness. You can SEE your brainwaves and heart rate empowered as easy to remember stories. A headband worn on your forehead senses electrical activity in your brain, your smart watch detects your heart rate and allows you to see those patterns represented inside virtual reality, mixed or augmented reality. (The headband is only *listening* to your brain. It's not transmitting anything to it.)  Don't want to use goggles? Healium's augmented reality experiences work without goggles and just your smart phone or smart watch. 

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