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Change is what is occurring in most aspects of our lives, including how medical care is accessed and delivered.  It has required an intensive effort of both time and money for providers to engage the new improvements.

Most people are no strangers to these changes during the past ten years. Some of the following have become extinct or nearly so.

1.  Telephone books
2.  Print Newspapers
3. Taxi cabs (replaced by Uber, Lyft)
4.  Checks, and even cash in some circumstances
5.  Sears, Kmart and other brick and mortar retail outlets.
6. Physical mail

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Other resources:

Google Maps

Future of Medicine, an ongoing encyclopedic source for future changes in healthcare.

Artificial intelligence is being used in some limited capacity for interaction on chatbots, and promises to revolutionize engagement on the internet.  It may assist physicians with diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Health portals for insurance, clinics, messaging apps and smartphones all expedite our healthcare. Anyone not using these new tools faces serious issues in obtaining appointments, getting lab results, or ordering prescription renewals.   All of these tools eliminate waiting on hold on the telephone or standing in line.

Health Train Express will be offering an interactive chat to teach patients how to obtain these apps and how to use them.  Look for the new tab on future posts.  CONVERSATION

Only digital health can bring healthcare into the 21st century and make patients the point-of-care. We prepare everyone in healthcare for the adoption of innovative, disruptive and smart technologies while keeping the human touch. – Dr. Bertalan Meskó

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