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The Momo Suicide Challenge: A dangerous game on the internet

The internet and social media are risky places for young people who are still in their formative years. This is true of other media, including movies such as "Thirteen Reasons" a story about an isolated teen girl who commits suicide as a result of bullying by  classmates.

Now there are viruses and malware that attack young people's social media introducing frightening games such as "Blue Whale"

The Blue Whale Game

"Momo Suicide Challenge"

Return of 'Momo suicide challenge' sparks fear among parents. It was uploaded to What's App a social media platform.

Parents and children are challenged by the addictive nature of social media.  Neuroscientists such as Andy Doan M.D. PhD have detailed the release of powerful neuro-modulators, endorphins, which give a feeling of pleasure and euphoria exactly like other addictive disorders such as substance abuse, and  pleasurable activities such as exercise.

Dr. Doan has authored, "  "Digital Vortex Survival Guide: Behaviors, Digital Media, & the Brain" - by Julie Lavier Doan, RN, Christie Walsh, and Andrew Doan, MD, PhD 
as well as a video
The videos that go along with the workbook (narration by Andrew Doan):

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