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Wait is Over PlayStation 5 Could Launch in 2018: Report

PlayStation 5 Could Launch in 2018: Report

PlayStation 5 Could Launch in 2018: Report


  • The PS5 could be out late next year
  • Speculation suggests Sony could announce
  •  it at E3 this year
  • This seems likely as the company recently
  •  released the PS4 Pro

PlayStation 5, PS5 or whatever Sony calls its next console may release sooner than you think. According to Macquarie Capital Securities analyst Damian Thong the PS5 could be out before the end of 2018.
His prediction was cited in a Wall Street Journal report on Sony’s recent financial earnings wherein it came to light that the company shipped 60 million PS4s. If so, it fuels speculation that Sony could show off new hardware at E3 2017.

In the past, Thong correctly suggested that Sony would release the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro, which lends some credence to his statements this time around.
Though we can’t help but feel that this would be a bit premature. Reason being the PS4 Pro just released in 2016 — launching a new console, belonging to the same generation as the PS4 or otherwise seems unwise. More so considering how well the PS4 is selling, tracking in line with Sony’s most successful console, the PS2.
Sony shipped 20 million PS4s last financial year as per its latest earnings report. It ended the 2015 financial year at 40 million PS4s.
However the company expects hardware sales to decline for the full financial year and expects online digital sales to be more important going forward.
It plans to move another 18 million consoles in the coming year. The PlayStation business has reported profits of 136 billion JPY ($1.2 billion) — it’s highest since 1998.

Complete Detail about PlayStation 5
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PlayStation 5
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