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Learn JQuery Array Push

Now days JavaScript has been diversified in to many data types. So as per requirement of Java its parts and functions have become very much different in all aspects. It is used in web designing in current market.

JQuery Array Push
Look here an example
var x = “”
if ( x )
console.log(“x defaulted to true”)
console.log(“x defaulted to false”)
result would be x default to false as per printing.
JQuery consist of all kinds of Document Object Model (DOM) elements that are extracted from an HTML string or we may say that a document that has been selected. . jQuery methods uses  CSS in order  to match elements from a given documents, so we can state that the set of all possible elements in a jQuery object is known as  a set of “matched elements” or “selected elements”.
jQuery object is similar to  an array; it also has a length property with  the elements of objects that can  be easily  accessed by  numeric indices [0] to [length-1]. One important thing to consider is that  jQuery object is not like  a Javascript Array object, so it does not contain  all the methods of a true Array object like join().
The $.unique()is a function that works on simple JavaScript arrays, and is used by the j qure.Modification to $.unique() makes functionality as exixting one while changign any thing in script. You may follow this link for further assistance  to download documentation on JavaScript Arrays.For each  programe language there are some strings and arrays.keeping all complementary that you must try to change much JavaScript functions with your self, rather, so it adds more functions there.
jQuery is a library which adds some magic to JavaScript which is a capable and featurefull scripting language. The libraries just fill in the gaps – get to know the core!
You can use jQuery() function in order to create a jQuery object. jQuery()has  single-characters alias e.g $(), unless you disable  jquery function..This advancement in jqurey has made a diversified look for all programs designers.
Have a clear look at this point
$(“p”).css(“color”, “red”).find(“.special”).css(“color”, “green”);.
When there is no DOM elements, no element is selected or if a chained method filters out all the elements then jqurely is called an empty set of elements, here $() helps you to crate jquery empty object in simple way. To show this we have a simple example there that is stated as under.
$(“.badEntry”).css({color: “red”});
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