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How To Choose The Right Computer

Computers have always been important, despite some of their previous limitations. For example, remember how most people were using desktops back in the 90’s? Since you weren’t able to carry them around like a personal laptop, one downside was that you were always restricted to working in your office. That’s not to say laptops didn’t exist back then, but let’s not pretend that they were popular, or that everyone was using them. Speaking of limitations, let’s not even get started on having to use a modem to connect to the Internet.
Fortunately, though, with all the advancements in technology, things have changed for the better. Laptops have not only become much more popular over the years, but they also have several great features that were lacking on personal desktops. There are more shortcuts, for example, and it’s generally quicker to access the Internet. Just to clarify, I’m not necessarily referring to current desktops when I said they’re lacking, but the ones back in the 80’s and 90’s, which had far more limitations.
With that said, regardless of a device’s strengths or even its limitations, you always need to be sure you’re choosing the right computer for your home or business. Whether it’s a personal laptop or desktop, how can you be sure it meets your needs, and that it lives up to your expectations? Many are so quick to buy their device at the nearest Best Buy, they fall for a lot of tricks from the sellers and manufacturers. Overall, here is what you should keep in mind.
#1. Read Reviews of the Product
Whether you’re at Walmart or Best Buy, many people are so quick to buy a computer, just because it looks nice. This is a huge mistake, and one that even I’ve made before. Prior to purchasing any computer, you should always check the reviews first. Granted, not all costumers have the same experience with a purchased product. However, you should get a general consensus of the computer you’re purchasing. What is the quality of the overall product? Is it cheaply made? How long does the warranty last? These are some important questions to keep in mind.
There are many gadget and hardware review sites you can consider when looking for third party reviews.
#2. What is the Cost?
Cost is definitely another important factor, especially considering many laptops nowadays cost up to a thousand dollars. Look at your budget, and see which device is most suitable for you. Often, we’re tempted to buy the most expensive looking devices. However, when considering the cost, always remember the difference between your wants and needs. What’s your reason for buying a laptop? Is it for your business, or is it for gaming and entertainment purposes? Based on your answer, you might want to purchase a device that’ll simply suit your business needs, or buy a gaming computer that’s very expensive.
Making poor decisions with your budget now can make it much more difficult for you to plan for retirement and be secure in the future.
#3. Purchase The Anti-Virus Software Separately
When choosing the right computer, it’s also a smart decision to purchase your anti-virus software separately. Remember how I mentioned many consumers fall for the tricks of sellers? Many times when you’re purchasing your computer at the checkout counter, the seller will try to get you to buy all these unneeded security measures, along with any other extra features. Not to mention if you attempt to buy the anti-virus software at the store separately, the seller might interrupt you and try to get it for you themselves. This is a trick to get you to pay for more than what you originally planned to purchase. Always be sure to keep this in mind.
#4. Avoid Cheaply Made Devices
Upon reading reviews, as well as looking at the cost and specs, avoid purchasing computers that are cheaply made. Nowadays, many developers end up cutting corners, and some laptops are only built to last a few years. In the long run, this’ll cause the consumer to have to purchase a new device every few years. Also, keep in mind that many of these laptops start experiencing problems shortly after the warranty expires. This says a lot about the product(s) and its manufacturers.
There’s only so much you can do to protect your devices after the purchase. Make sure you purchase hardware that is built to last.
#5. Consider If It’s a Recent Model
Lastly, you should also consider whether the device is a recent model or not. If you’re looking to buy an expensive laptop, for example, the most recent models definitely come with some of the best features. Be sure to keep this in mind when window shopping for your next laptop. If you were to buy a much cheaper laptop, however, remember that Windows 7 is no longer supported, and Windows 8 is becoming outdated

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