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How to Change Default Anonymous Avatar in Blogger Comments

Earlier, you've seen how you can change the size of the avatars in blogger comments and now I will show you how to change or customize the default avatar of anonymous commenters or Blogger users with no picture on their profiles. While Blogger announced the new threaded commenting system, we can still customize it by adding a jQuery plugin to our template and then replace the default anonymous avatar that can be found on this address: and the one for blogger users: ...with our own.

anonymous, default avatar, blogger blogspot

Replace the Default Anonymous Avatar on Blogger Comments

Step 1. Go to Dashboard - Template - click on the Edit HTML button anywhere inside the code area and open the template search box by pressing the CTRL + F keys

Step 2. Type or paste this code in the search box, then hit Enter to find it:
Step 3. Just above the </body> tag, add the following code:
<script src=''/>
.attr(&#39;src&#39;, &#39;;)
<script src=''/>
.attr(&#39;src&#39;, &#39;;)
Step 4. Save the changes by clicking on the Save Template button

Changing the default avatar

For Anonymous users: Replace the code in red with your image address
For Blogger users: Replace the URL in blue with your own.

You can choose an avatar from here and then copy the url of it:

That's it! If you found this trick useful, please consider sharing it.

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