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Well, it's just about the end of the month and since I'm having my official weigh-ins on Saturday, I had my last one of October and updated my "The Data" page. 10 pounds down this month, which is great! Lots of ups and downs, but the past couple weeks I hunkered down and got serious again.

After five days of "no obvious/junk sugar" I'm a little skeptical about what it can/does do for me. I'm also not sure about the 16/8 fasting regimen I've been doing, either. I ended up only losing .2 pounds from last week, which was disappointing on one hand but also OK because hey! I lost something, right? And, as my partner reminded me, I didn't gain. And, I am still (just) under 290. It's just that I felt really good about my eating in the past week and thought I'd have much more dramatic result. (I know, I know... five days is probably not quite enough to make a solid judgement, but I'll need to start fresh on that since I have had a number of junk sweets today.)

Maybe it's having been sick for two weeks, maybe it's because I had bigger losses in the week or two before, etc. Who the heck knows.

Well, I did full-day fast #2 yesterday. It's been fine and I will try again next Friday just because it is awful nice to not have to think about food at all for a whole day. I'm not sure if I will keep doing the 16/8 – it's fine to do, but I'm not sure it's helping with weight loss? I'm going to give that another week to see, and revisit the decision to continue then.

I do think the no obvious/junk sugar thing is a good thing to keep as a negotiable part of my regimen, that is – generally try to have a zero tolerance policy, but allow for exceptions here and there. This morning when I broke my (30 hour!) fast, I had leftover pizza and ice cream for dessert... and I tell you what, it wasn't half as delicious as the humble omelet I made to break the fast last week. I feel like I should have had an omelet again instead! Oh well. Anyway, I am wondering if maybe my tastebuds are already starting to take a turn, which is a nice thought. I will keep trying it out.

As for the other stuff I was going to try out – way fewer carbs, mainly – well, I decided to put it off until I am not sick, or maybe just try it another time completely. I don't know. I just really like being able to eat whatever and just keep an eye out on portions, and it seems to have worked out all right for me. So the plan is: continue intermittent fasting a while and see if it is beneficial at all, and keep logging my food and keep exercising as regularly as I can.

Long story short, I am still feeling good about what I am doing and continuing on my path losing more weight. I am also really anxious to get back to running, which I haven't done because of this nasty cold I've been battling! Ugh.

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