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A bullet-list is good for today. I have a slight cold and I'm claiming post-Nyquil-induced stupor for the day.

Here goes:

• Weight-wise, I have turned the clock back to August, when is the last time I saw 292.

• According to my Happy Scale log, I was solidly in the 280s for the entirety of May/June/July. I am almost back there! 270s from December 2015 through April. November was the only month I saw the 260s.

• I am really proud of myself for not having fully given up on this. And I won't!

• The past two weeks or so have been pretty productive. I feel comfortable with my eating, logging meals regularly and making better choices overall. I'm still working on getting my exercise level where I want it to be, and wouldn't you know... I got hit with a sore throat and a general cold-like thing when I woke up Sunday morning. It's really knocked me out and I don't have a lot of energy, so I am not going to worry about it too much. Running a mile is still hard, but looking back I wonder if the last couple outings were extra hard because my body was fighting off whatever this is that was creeping up on me?

• Best of all, I am feeling more confident and not as anxious about what I am doing. I am not so worried about how long it is taking, or that I can't help but feel like this whole past year+ was a waste of time! No – it wasn't. It was a learning experience, and while I backtracked a little bit, I think it was a good time to get used to my smaller body, understand what is required of me to do what I want to do, and why it is really so important. It's been a struggle for sure, but it's not been for nothing. I feel downright powerful lately.

It may have to do with these boots, though. My first Fluevogs in over 25 years! The BEST hundred bucks I spent (which was a super bargain, btw) in a long time. Wearing them makes me feel like I found my true self again.

Photo does not do them justice. 

Plus, tonight I am going out to be like I'm 25 again and seeing one of my favorite bands, Shellac, perform in a really intimate venue! I haven't had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Steve Albini perform in person before, so I am very excited. Not to mention, this will be the first time my partner and I have gone to a show together in all almost 17 years we've been together. Wow!

Here is a great article that lists some of Albini's greatest recordings as a musician. However, you may know him as the guy who produced Nirvana's In Utero LP back in the day. Anyway, I am a big fan of his crunchy guitars and cannot wait for tonight! Rawr!

• I ordered a few boxes of Swedish fish Oreos from Amazon, but I decided not to break into them until I get under 290. That will be my little reward. (No, I won't gorge on them. I will space them out and savor. I promise!) I am a HUGE fan of Swedish fish. In fact, my two go-to "bad" snacks are Swedish fish and Smartfood popcorn, for the record. 

• Life is good, I have to say it. It's not perfect by any means, but I have a pretty darned good one. 

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