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Herbly ~ Fresh Herbs Delivered

I have received a small compensation for this announcement post, all opinions are my own.
Herbly ~ Fresh Herbs Delivered right to your doorstep!

I love using fresh herbs in my cooking and although my store carries herbs, none look as fresh as the ones I could be using from a new company I've just heard about - Herbly. Herbly's mission is to support small scale farmers. Located in Charlotte, North Carolina they are sourcing herbs from these small scale farmers to combat crop waste and provide these small scale farms with a second chance for success!

Herbly is giving away 75 FREE fresh herb containers to promote their Kickstarter launch! To enter, please visit this link and click a RED SUPPORT BUTTON.

To follow along and get the latest news you can visit Herbly on Facebook:

By signing you get fresh herbs delivered monthly! Here's an example:

Rosemary: This is one of my favorite fresh herbs that is spectacular with beef, poultry, pork and fish!

Lemon Balm: I've never used this herb and I am so looking forward to trying this! Have you used it in your recipes? If you have, leave a comment telling me all about it.

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