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Aw yeah, I had a good weekend. Logged consistently on MyFitnessPal (I'm radiosilents over there if you'd like to connect), ate pretty much within my limits, ate no sweets except for a spoonful of peanut butter after a meal or two. Then my partner pointed out that the PB is just an extension of my eating-sweets-after-meals habit, so I decided to stop doing that, too. It's getting easier and I am starting to feel the glimmer of all the good feelings I've experienced when I treat my body the way I should.

I started off the new week with a bang, too – another mile run/mile walk with Janice this morning. This time it was much easier, mainly due to the cooler weather, but I imagine also because my body is like, "Oh yeah! I remember this now."As Janice pointed out, I started swearing a little later on our route than I did on Friday, and my pace was about 20 seconds faster, too.

I made sure to pack a breakfast and lunch so that I'd have better control over what went into my face today. We'll have leftover spaghetti and meatballs from the "Sunday Sauce" for dinner. All my food is already logged for the day – that feels like a huge relief and a huge accomplishment, if you want to know the truth.

Finally, I've been weighing every day, again, just to keep very much on top of things. I'm back down to 295.8, so definitely headed in the right direction. I'm even starting to fantasize about where I could shoot for a couple landmarks. This Friday I have my art opening at Hallwalls and wouldn't it be great to be under 290 again? Yes, that's a lot to expect in four days, so let's just call it a stupid goal. I'm still putting it out there.

How about November? On the 5th I have a interim high school reunion (not an official one, but an informal gathering) and I'm thinking how nice it would be to get back to the 100 pounds lost mark again. Then there is Thanksgiving a few weeks beyond that. I'd like to be in the 260s again!

I suppose these are rather lofty goals that may or may not be reasonable. But, I'm putting them out there in the universe. I won't consider it a failure not to meet them, as long as the numbers keep going down. But honestly? Because these last twentysomething pounds came on kind of quickly, I do think that with good effort they can come off just as quickly – it's how my body works.

And look at me. I am already thinking about going for another run/walk tomorrow morning on my own at home! I'm looking forward to it!!!

I am proof positive that you can bounce back anytime. It is never too late. You can't ever give up!

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