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Perfecting Yellow Summer Squash

Perfecting Yellow Summer Squash ~ squash is delightfully sweet and delicious and I've been doing it wrong, until now!

When I was little my parents would insist we eat what was put on our plates; that's what baby boomers were taught. There were starving children in the world and we were lucky to have food so just keep it shut and eat it. The alternatives were (depending on which type of parents you had): you don't eat it, you go to bed. Or, you sit there until you eat it and the dreaded threat of no dessert unless you ate it and ultimately the follow through with that. So it was with summer squash. As a child I hated it. So much so I gagged on it. However later in life, probably in my teens I tried it again and it was if the flood gates of my taste buds opened up and my attitude toward squash changed. A 360 degree turn around! I could not get enough of fresh summer squash!
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