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It's been a week since my last post, and I don't know what is going on. Everything sort of petered out, to be honest. I'm not going crazy with my eating, but I haven't been really tracking anything. I weigh in every few days – last time a few days ago I was at 287, which actually made me happy because I was certain I was into the 290s. I dunno.

Even exercise has been spottier than usual. We were doing nightly walks up until a couple days ago when I don't know what. The night before we did about a half a mile and then bought beer, and last night we crapped out. Hoping to get something in tonight, is the wish – my partner is on board with that. We've been avoiding tennis mainly because it's been so hot, but I really do miss it. I haven't run in about two weeks now. I miss it, too. I've been having a really hard time getting up in the mornings, though, and with all the walking we're doing it just goes to the wayside. Honestly, I would rather do a mile walk with my partner than a mile (or more) run by myself. I love that he is making the effort to be more active, and I want to support that as much as possible.

Personally, other stuff has been going on – mainly work stuff that I won't talk about here – that's been making me feel kind of "off". I have art exhibitions coming up, etc. etc. and my heart is not there in any of it. Blah.



On the plus side, I've been eating mostly bag lunches, which is good, and I finally, finally tried out overnight oats and am now a huge fan. I do oats, almond milk, chia seeds, maple syrup, peanut butter, and then in the morning I add defrosted frozen berries that I have been sweetening up a bit with sugar packets at work (whatever. I don't avoid sugar). 

I'm still on board for everything, but I am realizing how kind of a huge relief it is not to track everything damned thing I'm doing, and to not be so conscientious about food. I guess I have been trying to practice a general sort of moderation for now while I muddle through this blue phase. 

My clothes still fit, so...

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