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Keeping Vigilant and Diligent

I may end up posting every single day of my little challenge this week, just to keep my self accountable and as a reminder to keep on the one day at a time mindset.

Day 1 was yesterday, and it went well! My eating wasn't perfect, but honestly, when is it ever, and what does that even mean? But I stayed close to my calorie goal, which is set at 1750 in MFP but any day under 2000 cals is a winner for me. So there's that. I drank 13 eight ounce glasses of water = 104 ounces. (Just a few glasses under a gallon! Maybe I'll go for that today.)

Drinking lots of water always makes me feel super good. At my best I've never gone much past 16 glasses in a day, and generally I try to do at least 10. I mostly drink it in straight water form, but I also tend to have a couple or few cups of green tea during work days as well.

I got some fruits and veggies in (lunch's sub was piled with veggies!), and treated myself to a single beer at the end of the day. I'm trying to keep the bigger meal at lunchtime.

We had planned to play tennis yesterday after work but didn't, which was disappointing. But, I'm trying not to stress too much over how much exercise I am doing while I am trying to really focus on getting my eating habits back to where they need to be. I think that this weekend will have plenty of activity, though, including mowing the lawn and more gardening, and tennis and at least one run, walk, or run/walk. I'm really looking forward to it!

I'm also plotting out upcoming races that I want to be ready for. Next up is one of those goofy bubble run things on July 2nd. It's just a 5K and a bunch of my running pals are signed up as well, so it should be more fun than anything. The following weekend I really have my eye on another 10K, which on one hand seems a little crazy to try to do right now seeing how my last 5K went, but also I just really want to know that I can still do it. Plus, it's at the Tuscarora Indian Reservation and it's during that nation's picnic and field days, which should be really cool to see. There is a 2.5 mile run as well, but you know... I want to do the 10K, even if it's a little dumb. It's in the morning, but it's going to be wicked hot, no doubt. Argh. I want to anyway! I'm crazy! Besides, I am staring down the calendar to August, when I'll be doing a 10-miler, so...

No matter how weigh-in comes in on Wednesday, I win. I'm ready to finish up Day 2 with a bang, and so on and so on.

This is how you do it.

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