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Welp, finishing up day 5 of my little challenge and still feeling good about what I'm doing.

Yesterday was nice, a good balance of doing stuff and of leisure. In the morning I was up and out to water the gardens, after which I did a little more planting and weeding, and then... I thought while I had the hose out, I'd wash my car! So I did that, too, trying to make it as aerobic as I could. I was sweating by lunchtime.

We ended up having a late lunch and went out to Woodcock Brothers for the second time in two weeks, where I ordered a delicious wood-fired pepperoni pizza (honestly, the best pizza I've ever had the pleasure of eating, and that's saying a lot!) and had a Hoppycock IPA and a few sips of a tasty porter as well. Yum on all fronts. But I made sure that I stayed within my calorie allotment and, as I have been trying to stick to, eating most of my food in the earlier part of the day. I was done eating by 4pm. It was fine. Better than fine, really.

Today we played tennis first thing, but only lasted for 50 minutes as the day heated up pretty quickly – it got into the 90s today! We were sweating with a capital s, but it was fun! Afterward we stopped off at a small farm stand and I picked up some strawberries, cherries, onions, sweet peas, and a jar of locally-produced honey.

Didn't do much else today. Grocery shopping, cooking Sunday dinner... spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread (and wine!), again, trying to portion things to fit into my day.

The scale has been showing good results, too – down to the low 280s now, and hoping I'll make my goal on Wednesday. It's within reach.

One thing that I've been thinking about in the past couple days is my mindset. Since I've been more or less stagnating, my attitude has more or less been that well, even if I never lost any more weight, I'd be OK with that – my quality of life has improved measurably. My partner pointed out, though, that that way of thinking might really be hurting my progress, and the more I consider it, the more I think that is true. I think it is great that I arrived at a place where I am happy with my physical self in some ways, but at the same time, why should I sell myself short? Why shouldn't I keep trying to reach my big goals?

So with that in mind, rather than moving to a maintain week or two after this challenge is over, I'm going to just keep doing what I am doing. Of course I know that I won't lose 10 pounds a week every week (LOL!), but I do want to lose a solid pound or two most weeks, you know? I want to experience more positive changes in my body and my life.

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