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Red Lentil & Carrot Stew with Ham

Smoky flavor from the cumin, a nice background flavor from the garlic and just a wee bit of heat from the dried chilies made this dish a little "out of the everyday".

I have to say this was an experiment with using a left-over ham bone to make stock then using red lentils - a lentil variety which I have never used before. What I ended up with is a super left-over make-over meal that I am completely and utterly thrilled about!
Perhaps some of you are looking at the photograph and thinking baby food - well yes it kind of does look a little like toddler food, however these soft lentils along with the cast of ingredients in this stew come together beautifully and taste really delicious. Even my non-eating lentil husband said it had great flavor so that's saying a lot.
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