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Mushroom Rice And Roni

In about 25 minutes from start to finish (prep included) you can serve up a delicious side dish of Mushroom Rice And Roni to accompany most any protein.

Have I told you how much I miss cooking for more than just my husband and me? It's difficult to cut back when you are so geared toward cooking for a family and suddenly so it seems, your kids are all grown up and living lives of their own. When my kids were here and both of us held down full-time jobs, getting dinner on the table every night in a reasonable amount of time was often quite the ordeal. So way back when the boxed variety of rice and roni was a great help to me in the kitchen. Who can resist something that's ready in 15 minutes, right? But these days, I am older and have to be careful of my sodium intake, so I've had to say goodbye to the boxed variety.
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