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Mental health professionals have labelled some depressions as seasonal affective disorder (SAD), an appropriate acronym  for depression related to seasons. The term is most often linked to depression occuring in winer when days are short, thereby decreasing the amount of time when visible light and other components of the electro-magnetic spectrum are a low levels.

 However visible light is only one part of the electromagnetic spectrum which fall upon us.  Ranging from the  low infrared through the visible spectrum (R,G,B,V) and into the ultraviolet, radio frequency, x-ray and beyond, including cosmic rays (solar flares-coronal mass ejections). Some or all of these may effect our psyche.
        Solar X-rays
Coronal Mass Ejections 

A sense of wellness is often associated with being at the beach or in elevated topography, which is associated with + ions.

Magnetic forces which may alter our mental, physical health or spiritual well being is proposed for wearing magnetic bracelets, rings or necklaces.

NOAA has developed sensitive measuring equipment to monitor space weather.

Window to the Universe

Space weather can be found either at:  or

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