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33 Health Benefits of Eating Seaweeds

Seaweeds, especially Kelp plants are plants on earth that contain most minerals. In the ocean they take the minerals directly in themselves, and concentrate them in their cellular structure. All these healthy minerals are fully at your disposal. All you have to do is soak the seaweed in water and then chew well, cook with it or make a tea. When you merge seaweed and water, you create a natural and balanced combination which minerals, vitamins and trace elements that the body needs for optimal health, to be held easily. Seaweed contains colloidal minerals (in a liquid form) to facilitate the removal of toxic substances and assist in the transport of other nutrients, such as vitamins.

33 Health Benefits of Seaweeds

In macroalgae at least thirty nine nutrients have been discovered, which together 36% of the total weight may form, with calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, potassium, iron and iodine as the principal minerals concentrations.

Arame, hijiki and wakame contain at least 10 times more calcium as milk

Laver containing 25 x more iron than meat

Seaweed is composed of an average of
• 50% of carbohydrates, and
• about 1-2% fat It is an excellent energy-rich product with low calorie

Protein in Seaweeds
The availability to the body of the protein in seaweed is very high. This is demonstrated in nori, wherein up to 70% is taken up by the bod.

33 Health Benefits of Seaweeds

The many components of seaweed that can contribute in many ways to good health.

• promotes healthy thyroid function
• regulates blood sugar and cholesterol levels
• absorbs and reduces cholesterol
detoxifies radioactive elements, heavy metals and free radicals
• goes against cardiovascular disease and supports the treatment of it
• lowers blood pressure 
• prevents and fights cancer cells without harming normal cells
• prevents the spread of tumors (metastasis)
• supports intestinal health 
• promotes healing of gastric ulcers
• takes care of the maintenance of healthy (at) kidneys
• protects and improves the function of the liver and the kidneys
• strengthens the mucous lining of the air and urine and the stomach area
• can prevent and cure herpes 
• to assist in weight loss
• supports wound healing 
• supports healthy joints 
• can prevent birth defects
• stimulates the productivity and activity of immune cells
• relieves severe symptoms of asthma
• strengthens resistance to allergies 
• alleviates the symptoms of menopause 
• helps prevent migraine headaches 
• relieves depression 
• prevents stress and helps relax naturally
combats anxiety and chronic fatigue
• increases oxygen uptake and energy level
• supports a sunny health and vitality 
Life expectancy increases and regenerates cells; prevents the phenomena of aging 
• regulates the moisture content in the skin, protects it, it adds color and keep the youthful
• improves and strengthens the legs, teeth, hair and nails, and helps in the growth there of
• serves as an alternative medicine for psychological, emotional and / or mental imbalance
• it's a main constituent of the diet in the life of the healthiest people on earth.

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