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How to Gain Weight Fast in a Month

In 2007, Colorado was the only state that had an obesity rate of less than 20 percent, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This indicates that there is no shortage of overweight people in the United States. But some people really want to gain weight - in the world of fitness enthusiasts, they are known as "hard gainers". If you're one of the few who are trying to gain weight, especially in a month, you're going to have to make a special effort.

How to gain weight fast in one month


Keep a Food Log: The first thing you need to do is a food journal. This may be a small, pocket-sized notepad or a one-subject composition notebook. It does not have to be fancy. Note the current daily intake of food and beverages. Follow everything has calories. This will give you an idea of ​​your current caloric intake.

Eat several meals: Eat Six to Eight times during the day. Start the day with a meal, and then eat every two to three hours for the rest of the day, until you go to bed. This will allow you to fit more calories in your day without feeling bloated.

Add Calories to your Meals: Now that you know what your daily calories should be and you eat six to eight meals a day, it's time to add some calories to those meals. You can do this by adding pieces of fruit, nuts, seeds or juice, or by simply increasing the size of the portions of the meals.

How to gain weight fast in one month

Eat foods that are Nutritious, High Calorie-dense and Healthy: The main objective is to eat foods that are clean. Eating a lot of fat, unhealthy foods will cause you to gain weight in an unhealthy manner while you are predisposing risk factors. Eat foods such as avocados, nuts, pasta, lean meat, fish, dairy products, fruit, vegetables and pasta.

Incorporate Smoothies in your Eating Plan: Smoothies can be made with healthy ingredients, and they can be adapted calories. They are also a quick and easy meal to make and to take on the road. Here's an example: Put 16 grams of chocolate soy milk in a blender. Add a banana, a tablespoon of peanut butter and a scoop of protein powder. This weighs about 620 calories.

Do Strength Training: To get effective weight in a month, do some strength training. More specifically, doing complex exercises that use a large amount of muscle fibers. Exercises include bench press, squats, military press and dead lifts. Perform high sets of heavy weights with low repetitions and long rest periods. An example would be 10 sets of three reps with two to four minutes of rest.

Reduce long periods of Aerobic Exercise: If you are doing a lot of aerobic exercise, such as running or cycling, it will be very difficult to gain weight because you consume as much as you'll burn - or more. Cut keep the cardio out of the equation entirely or just a low intensity, such as walking.

Seven Healthy Snacks for Weight Gain
If you are trying to gain weight, eating healthy snacks is one of the best ways to do this. To ensure you get that much needed extra pounds you should choose food with lots of calories, carbohydrates, protein and healthy unsaturated fats.

In your daily calorie counts, it is important that you consume more calories than is recommended for your height, weight etc. Unless there are underlying problems, most people will quickly notice when they start gaining that extra pound.
To give you an idea of what I’m talking about when I talk about good and healthy snacks for weight gain, below are seven snack ideas that you can consider:

Nuts and Seeds
Nuts are good muscle building snacks. These are full of monounsaturated fatty acids and often also contain a healthy amount of protein and calories. For easy weight gain, it is contained in many different products like peanut butter to try for a tasty calorie treat. Remember also Macadamia Nuts is the highest in calories, Pecans, Pine Nuts , Desiccated Coconut, Brazil Nuts, Walnuts, Hazelnuts/Filberts, Peanuts & Sunflower Seeds, Linseed, Almonds, Cashew Nuts, Pumpkin & Squash Seeds, Pistachio Nuts, Watermelon Seeds, Flaxseeds, and Chia Seeds and other nuts and seeds are rich in calories.

Tuna has long been a favorite of people who love fitness. Although there are some people who think that tuna is perfect in weight loss (due to the low fat content of the fish). This is true because this fish is packed with protein and healthy calories; so also it's a perfect snack for those who need to gain weight.

Full Fat Dairy
Stay away from fat dairy products, but rather go for whole milk and full cream. They both contain a lot of protein and fat that cause people to gain weight quickly. Feel free to choose fat cheese, such as Swiss Cheese or Cheddar Cheese and use them in snacks and sandwiches. Do not forget to add yogurt to your diet plan, because it also contains enough good calories.
Of course, do not take fat dairy products if you have high cholesterol levels!

Crackers and bagels
You do not have to choose white bread if you must gain weight. Crackers and bagels made from whole grains, bran and sesame may well help to give you that extra weight gain quickly. Use a rich amount of peanut butter, jam or honey to get more calories and protein intake.

Breakfast cereals
You probably are surprised when you hear that breakfast cereal does indeed contain some healthy calories. Health-conscious people always opt for cereals in their diet, but cereals also acts as good snacks for those who want to gain weight.
If you need to gain weight in a responsible way, choose the healthier breakfast cereals; do not choose products with a lot of sugar. Go for a healthy combination of muesli and oat. Add some raisins and fresh or dried fruits, and add some whole milk. Then you have a healthy, high-calorie snack.

Fruit and Vegetables
While snacking on fruit and eating salads is often used for people who wants to lose weight, those who try to gain weight shouldn’t ignore these products. There are plenty of examples that contain enough vitamins, minerals and healthy sugars so that you can gain a few healthy pounds.

Snacking on dried fruit is also a good idea, so products like prunes, raisins, etc. cannot be ignored.

As far as gaining weight, you are wasting time on low-fat foods such as yogurt, crackers and cheese. This is a time when you actually want to get more calories. Just make sure not too much saturated fat to eat.

Thanks for reading, leave your comments and remember there's LOVE in SHARING!

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