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5 Tips to Quickly Burn and Lose Belly Fat Once and for All

How many of us are actually happy with how our stomachs look? Not much I guess. Who does not want a prettier or tighter stomach? A taut belly with visible abs has always been an icon of a healthy and attractive body. Every year there are many new diets in the market and the truth is that only 1 in 100 has been successful in permanently losing the excess weight. In addition, you certainly have a variety of devices and methods that promise abs.

The purpose to lose weight and burn belly fat is certainly a good goal, especially because a reduction in abdominal fat ensures a better health. In this article I want to give you some steps to get rid of excess fat around the abdomen.

For years it was thought that tight abs is only reserved for those with good genes or people who spend long hours in the gym. I know myself how long it took to get visible abs. I was always quite fit, but visible abs I could not seem to get. I was doing hundreds of sit-ups a day and paid close attention to my diet, but still no visible abs. Fortunately, it does not have to be and you'll soon find with some new proven techniques how to burn your belly fat and even develop visible abs. It's more than just a calorie restrictive diet, a low-fat diet or thousands of sit-ups. But before I'm going to give some tips to put even the right steps today, first I want to go over the risks of too much belly fat.

The Danger of Abdominal Fat
An indicator for diseases view is that excessive abdominal fat is linked with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and certain cancers. Therefore you could say that the circumference of your belly is a great indicator of your overall health. If the circumference is out of proportion, this means you run an increased risk of a variety of ailments.

One comment I would make is that even thin people can have too much belly fat. Excess fat can be deep inside the abdomen, so it is not visible at first. When you have too much belly fat, your character looks like a pear shape. The major problem with this is that the fat in the abdomen can be converted much faster in the fatty acids which then end up in the liver and muscles. When this fatty acid in the liver reaches and interact the production of LDL cholesterol (bad) is increased and the so-called triglycerides increases also.

Then it’s harder for your body to control blood sugar which eventually insulin resistance may occur. This can eventually lead to various disorders and it is also called a metabolic syndrome in such cases as (you have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and increased risk of cardiovascular disease).

Finally, there are also studies which show that abdominal fat can cause libido problems, or even erectile dysfunction! Getting rid of excess belly fat not only increases your attractiveness but more importantly, it improves your health!

Man versus Woman 
It is a fact that men are more prone to store fat around the abdomen than women. This process is done at a young age and in practice is clearly visible by the so-called typical "beer bellies". This can also be one of the reasons why cardiovascular disease is generally more common in men than women and that women are generally a few years older when a woman's excess fat is stored around the hips and thighs. These places are not immediately linked to long-term serious illnesses. However, after the menopause, it seems to be that there is more even in female fat stored in the abdomen. In short, too much belly fat is a serious indicator that you run an increased risk of all kinds of complaints. But what can you do?

Useful tips to lose belly fat for good: 

Slim and Healthy Eating
First the good news: Because it is relatively easy to get a belly fat, it is also relatively easy to get rid of it. The first step is definitely your diet. When you eat a lot of processed foods rich in sugars, it is impossible to get tight abs. Too much belly fat is primarily the result of a number of unhealthy habits around eating and drinking. Therefore, you will first need to lose weight, which is fortunately not as difficult as you think. That said, most diets are designed to lose weight by reducing the calorie intake or burn more calories. This result in weight loss by a reduction of moisture in the body, but this doesn’t imply less belly fat. In order to counteract this it is obviously important to eat less calories, but also the proper amount and sources that increase metabolism.

In my view a successful diet contains the following:
• You're not always on the road or paying too much attention to the portions of food intake
• You’re not counting calories and having a very extensive schedules
• You’re not hungry all the time
• You’re not getting tired by restricting calories

The truth is that we're all busy and do not have time to get going on a strict diet. Therefore, we should have a well-fitted dieting schedule that does not affect our busy lifestyles and also easier to follow. It does not matter how good a diet is, if you do not follow the advice, it has no value. My own guideline is very simple: The things to eat are those things that are good for me and leave out those that are bad for me. You do not need to follow elaborate recipes, but a list of healthy foods. You will get enough micro and macro-nutrients which would make you generally feel much healthier. There's nothing to measure when you have a healthy diet!

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Regularity for stable blood sugar
A fluctuating blood sugar is always as a result of wrong food choices. This could be from you skipping your breakfast, or because you have not eaten for a long time. It is important to eat healthily and proactively so you get more energy, which brings the need for exercise which resultantly reduces abdominal fat. Therefore, a slimming diet for many people is not the solution!

You need to have at least Eight Hours of Sleep 
You would not think it at first, but getting enough sleep is an essential step to not only lose weight, but also to get rid of excess belly fat. When you work through long or longer hours, then the chances are much greater for an unhealthy snack such as a bag of chips. Additionally, if you do not get enough sleep you feel tired and your body produces more Ghrelin which is a hormone that increases appetite, and also plays a role in body weight, this increases the pressure for sugars. This in turn has an impact on your level of Cortisol (stress hormone), making you more sensitive to sugars, a vicious circle which you can break if you get some sleep for at least 7-8 hours. Possibly put an alarm clock when it's bedtime!

Sugar is your Enemy 
Excess consumption of sugars is stored in fat and will be transported to the abdomen. Losing belly fats or even getting tighter abs is largely dependent on your diet. When your fat percentage above 10% you will have no visible abs. However, if you want to lose belly fat be clear what your goal is and remember that sugar is your number one enemy. These refined sugars are virtually in all processed foods in the supermarket.

Cardio and Strength Training for maximum results 
It makes no sense to do thousands of sit-ups. Obviously, these exercises definitely help in the development of abdominal muscles. But when there is a consistent fat you will not have visible abs. In addition, you will also have to increase the intensity. I always did a lot of abdominal exercises, so over time it became a lot easier. Therefore, it is often better to start by having fewer sit-ups daily until you start seeing visible abs. My favorite exercise is the '' Push-ups ''. Also, doing Cardio a few times in a week is great for losing abdominal fat. The idea is that your heart rate goes up helping you sweat and burn fat which will ultimately result in less abdominal fat.

It is possible! 
It is absolutely possible to lose belly fat. Because you focus more on an overall healthy lifestyle which is leaves you with a flat stomach. Do you want visible abs? Then combine a healthy diet with plenty of cardio and abdominal exercises correctly. Remember that a flat stomach is not only attractive, but more importantly, much healthier for your body!

Do you have more tips to burn belly fat? Let me know by leaving a comment below! 
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