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2015's Best Health Care Journalism | The Advisory Board Daily Briefing

It is that time of the year when we all look back at the best and the worst of the past Today's post on the last day of the half-way mark of the second decaded of the millenium is based upon several articles published in The Advisory Board Company. 

Any author uses multiple sources in their writings. Health care is no different and much of what I write about has already been published elsewhere. It is certainly not in the category of 'academic writing'

I share this stage with many authors, most of whom are far more literate than me.

Rather than copying and pasting phrases from those sources, I bring you several links which should make it easier for readers to 'funnel' their writings. .

2015's best health care journalism | The Advisory Board Daily Briefing

STAT News. This brand-new website devoted to life science reporting burst onto the scene in November and immediately became a must-read. (I wasn't sure how I was going to flag all of the individual articles I loved, but reader Greg Dworkin gave me a great suggestion: Just recognize the entire site.) The team boasts a plethora of riches: Reporters like David Nather and Dylan Scott skillfully cover the politics of health care; well-regarded experts like Ed Silverman, Sharon Begley, Carl Zimmer, and Ivan Oransky write authoritative columns; and a slew of proven journalists and up-and-coming reporters anchor the site, too. Worth your time.

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