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13 Habits of Exceptionally Likeable People page 1

Happiness is elusive for many people. It requires a re-boot of your personna. traits for unhappy people

Here are some traits of unhappiness

1. You have a reactive personality you respond to external stimuli immediately with an intense emotional response. You fail to detach yourself from the event. Some events however are very difficult to externalize, such as divorce, death of a spouse, going to prison, loss of employment, and bankruptcy plus many others. However you cannot generalized.  Stress for one person may be quite different from another.

2.You are driven for success, as measured by money

3. You see things as good or bad, black or white.

4. You fail to learn from negative experience.

5.. You have few friends

6..  You do not exercise and/or have poor nutritional habits.

7. You feel like a failure due to finances, divorce, rejection, failure to accomplish a goal.

The good news is that all can be altered.

13 Habits of Exceptionally Likeable People 

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