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What Patients need to know about EHR and HIT

Putting the I in Health IT

This video provides inspiring patient testimonials and informational interviews with representatives from the government on how health IT makes a difference in consumers' lives.

Ensuring the Security of Electronic Health Records Video:

It is vital to do as much as possible to protect sensitive health information in EHRs. Find out more about how providers are keeping individual health information safe and secure through cybersecurity.

Health IT Stories:
The best way to understand the value of health IT can be through personal testimonials from consumers and patients who have personal experiences using it to improve their health and health care. These videos are a small excerpt which represent many personal stories of consumers using e-Health and health IT tools to manage their care.

I’ve Seen the Disaster Averted”  

Dottie Bringle, R.N., is a hospital executive in Joplin, MO. Three weeks before Joplin's devastating tornado in May 2011, her hospital completed a switch to an EHR – so even though her hospital building was destroyed, doctors and nurses were able to provide care to Joplin residents in their time of need.

Lilianne Wright, upon hiking in the Grand Canyon, suffered from severe stages of diabetic ketoacidosis, which brought her to the brink of death. Ms. Wright recovered, but found that managing her disease was and still is complicated, because her doctors can't easily share her medical records. Today, her two children are reaping the benefits of EHRs.

A stage 4 kidney cancer survivor, Dave de Bronkart has learned first-hand that good health care depends on good information. Now he blogs as "e-patient Dave," writing about how health information technology and electronic health records can improve health care by empowering patients to access their health information and take an active role in their own care. This is his story.
Health IT, Advancing America's Health Care  pdf download

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