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How Doctors Became Subcontractors | THCB

In our healthcare system, the “middleman” is not who you think

Your doctor no longer works for the patient, but to satisfy a payer.

It works like this. You, the patient pay a monthly premium in return for payment coverage to your physician. The requirements for payment are complicated, and if the physician does not meet these inflexible demands he is not paid ("Denied"). Often times there is no explanation.

This has been a gradual shift in doctor-patient relationship which has become the dominant model for reimbursement.  What this means essentially is that your doctor works not for you, but your insurer. You pay the premium for the insurer to reimburse a doctor of their choosing (see your provider directory) Often times your  doctor is part of a group practice and in a closed network.

It has been a pervasive cancerous expansion of limiting your access to care, and you are paying the insurance company to limit your freedom of access. It is part and parcel of the "Nanny State", one in which someone else is deciding what is good or bad for you, the patient.

It is not the only organization which uses the Nanny state approach. It is the means which Government now controls almost anything.Your freedoms are disappearing.

The Health Care Blog carries the important message from MICHEL ACCAD, MD, who says, In our healthcare system, the “middleman” is not who you think"

How Doctors Became Subcontractors | THCB

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