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"All I wanted to do was love him"

Ladies I know this feeling. The heartbreaking realisation that someone is not ready for the love you were so willing to give. But the reality is you cannot force a man to love you. I saw a quote somewhere, just to paraphrase it said 'If you put the amount of energy you put into these boys into God instead, God will bring you someone who you never have to work hard to impress or even question his love for you". Do not get me wrong. Im not advising you to draw close to God for the sole purpose of finding a good man. I'm advising you to seek God's love first before you seek love in any man or people in general. You need to discover the queen in you before even trying to bring out the king in anyone else all in the name of a relationship. One day you will meet someone who not necessarily completes you but compliments your being. Someone who you will build with. Someone who you will grow with. Someone you will never have to beg to love you. And when that person comes you will know. Because you would have realised what love is by loving God first and inevitably yourself. God is love and God wants to reside within us; by loving God, you love yourself. You love yourself enough to give that love to someone truly worthy of it. Ladies. Wipe your eyes. Be patient. Be wise enough to break the cycle of unworthy love. Be strong.


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"Dengan berbicara di belakang, berarti kau cukup menghargai keberadaanku untuk tidak bertingkah di depan mukaku."

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