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Every day I see or hear people hanging on every word spouted by people like Mike Adams, Joe Mercola, or Mehmet Oz and others.  I am glad that the masses have these talking heads who for the most part rely on ego more than fact as the push too much false data in to the revolving media door.  I suppose it is that old adage, you can fool some of the the people most of the time.  Generally we call this "controlled opposition".  What it does is overwhelm you with data that you somehow come to believe is true and you then come to rely on these sources that are doing nothing more than posting or talking about data without substance.

If you have no substance the little dab won't do ya when push comes to shove.

2014 is looming around the corner.  Big Insurance is salivating as it gets ready for one of the biggest corporate welfare flow of dollars into their coffers.  This is important because what comes out the the other side will more likely than not be little of what you need to hold on to your health.

At the same time the FDA is cranking out approvals for new pharmaceuticals.  One example is a new drug ready to help your insomnia.  Most common side effects already posted in mainstream media include inability to stay awake during the day, falling asleep while driving, and suicide.

I just wonder what the price tag will be and how many people post this and numerous other stories on social media sites without thinking through the entire equation.

Certainly part of the equation is the good natural remedies available to assist with insomnia, all without serious adverse effects.  Certainly none I know about ever have caused suicide.

Where I am going with this is to point out the important role you play in your own health.

At times it is tough because you get rolled in to an exam room and wait for a doctor to show up to let you explain why you don't feel well.  Instead of really listening to what you have to say and  what you need and want to say, you get rushed in and out, just like a drive through fast food place.

Your dear life really depends on your willingness and ability to speak up.  Medical errors kill hundreds of thousands of people every year and many of these come from a health care provider misdiagnosing your problem.

You absolutely need to become your own best advocate for your health.  You need to be not only proactive but interactive.  And if it means you have to get in someone's face to be heard, you need to learn how to do so and not be fearful of doing it.

If you don't understand something then ASK!  And make sure all your questions are answered.

Studies tell us that - on the average - a health care provider interrupts a patient every 10 seconds.  This means that you need to figure out just how you can explain what it is you are experiencing in this amount of time.  Stay focused so you get your point across.

If the health care provider can't come up with a diagnosis consider that today the most common diagnosis is "no diagnosis at all".  This is the main reason I began developing Health Forensics over 15 years ago.  Health Forensics is a very specific process that can target nutritional deficiencies and link them to the health problems you are experiencing.  I call it "Executive Medicine for the Common Man".

Remember the same thing I always tell my students: You are paying the bill and this health care professional is hired by you to provide you with great care.  Challenge them when you have to.

And remember, you are the best historian because you know your body better than anyone else.

Selections from Natural Health News

The patient is the best historian

Medical education is a form of brainwashing, not too different than educating future lawyers.  Most higher education is not far removed, because it is the major way, just as in the days of the Guilds, that a trade or profession was continued.  Keeping the education process in a narrow perspective fosters the culture in that field, and perpetuates the lack of growth and change, new ideas, or new approaches.

Wonderful Catmint

Now for my comment -
Mainstream articles sometimes irk me for various reasons.  One reason I find distressing is a "study" done by people who do not have a working knowledge of herbs.  They seem always to conclude that generally they do not work.

Media reports of the same study repeated until you are sick of hearing it also make it nothing more than a talking-head blabbering about what they are told to read during the news cast.

Vitamin E

I am once agin amazed at these studies that keep coming along telling you that if you take vitamins you will get very sick or worse.  I am not too sure this is the scientific method I learned in the years of science classes I took over many years of schooling.

I've been in health care since the early 1960s.  I started studying and using natural health in the mid 50s.  Over many years of education and work in this field I have yet to have come into contact with anyone harmed by vitamins.

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