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Like most of my readers we use RSS feeds to receive timely updates of blogs, news, and web sites.

My favorite reader has been Google Reader, which depends upon ‘Feedburner’.  Google  has  deprecated Reader.

In my mind this is much like the telephone evolving from a rotary dial to a push button interface.


Much has changed in the past ten years, including the growth of social media on many platforms.  Some say RSS feeds are on the way out with less usage.

I have not yet reached that point, and have researched several other RSS feeds.

Here are my choices ranked in order.

Old Reader



Over the next several weeks we will be experimenting with different RSS feeds.

The important thing for my readers to know is that if you are following the blogs, check what RSS feed you are using…Health Train and Digital Health Space will be listed on Feedly, Old Reader, and Newsblur.


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