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Charles and William Mayo, the Original Tweeps


The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota has always been fearless and has gone where others have feared to tread.

So it should not be surprising to learn that Mayo Clinic took a leadership role in Social Media in Medicine and Health Care in the past 36 months.

And while may of the naysayers and critics focused on the negative aspects of the origins of social media Mayo Clinic chose to   objectively analyze, collect and build a highly visible and credible platform using social media to become patient centric as well as provider centric in their mission to educate and further transform our Health System.

So, it should be no surprise to see this in my social media stream,

“Mayo Clinic president and CEO John Noseworthy, M.D., will be speaking at the National Press Club on Tuesday at 1 p.m. EDT on “Three Imperatives to Transform Health Care in America,” and we’re using our social platforms to enable virtual participation and engagement.”

“The address will be streamed live from our newly redesigned Mayo Clinic News Network site, a community platform with resources for journalists. We will have more background on the News Network project in future posts, because it is another application of the social networking technology we’re using here in the Social Media Health Network.”

John Noseworty MD, CEO of the Mayo Clnic outlines the  historical importance of the Mayo Clinic’s Charles and William Mayo’s use of social media over one hundred years ago.


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