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When Antibiotics Stop Working

In 1993 I worked on an approach to drop a direct hit on a rampage of flesh eating bacteria in Seattle.  Since that time we have seen over an over again more and more reports on ever increasing resistant bacteria.

This article below is one of more than 30 from Natural Health News dating back to 2004 -

Since few have been interested in my approach over these years, I felt it imperative with the new outbreak of what is termed "CRE", to repost on this issue.

The antibiotic being relied on for CRE in hospital or long term care centers is an old one which seems to have some very serious risks to health as well.

Of course little has been said about the impact of cell phones and the static electric field they create that carry bacteria and viruses from room to room.

Less has been said about the closed mindedness in mainstream medicine about any other way to address it than antibiotics.

We should be doing far better and we should have people willing to get their head out of the sand and develop more creative problem solving approaches.

I did.

I just want someone with courage to step up to the plate and test my method.

They might be amazed!

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