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To me it is unconscionable to market these manufactured sweetener products as they are man made and not in the whole, natural form.  What bothers me more is the lack of responsibility shown by the USA national nurse practitioner (NP) association that has Cargill's stevioside extract and erythritol combination product, 'Truvia', sponsoring an upcoming meeting/conference.  
As a long time NP I personally do not use any of these products because I know the science behind the ingredients and I know they can cause adverse effects.

Now Cargill takes it one step further with its joint plan to engage in making a fermented "rebiana" with Evolva.  This manufactured in the lab/factory "stevia" is made with yeast and low cost plant sugars.
Stevia extracts – without agriculture?
Evolva and Cargill join forces on fermentation-derived extracts -
Swiss firm Evolva Holding has partnered with Cargill to develop and commercialise stevia extracts derived from a fermentation process, rather than through traditional extraction from the stevia plant.
Not only should you know what is in your food and how it is made, you may wish to consider that there may be adverse effects. (See "Problems with new sweetener" below.)

Oct 16, 2008
Many years ago now stevia was blocked by the FDA to allow more room for aspartame. While stevia had been used for eons in South America and Japan as a sweetener is seems as if it wasn't welcome here in the US.
Aug 26, 2010
Please note that the artificial sweeteners referred to, Truvia (Cargill) and PureVia (Whole Earth Sweeteners) are manufactured by these agribusness corporations with an extract of stevia (rebiana)and erythritol and are NOT ...
Dec 08, 2007
For many years the FDA has been making a concerted effort to block the general use of stevia as a safe sweetener while it allows carcinogenic aspartame and the highly toxic chlorinated hydrocarbon insecticide substance ...
Dec 29, 2009
The answer to this is that the sugar alcohol based sweeteners do cause gastrointestinal disturbances and this is one reason why we do not recommend nay products containing a blend of chemically altered stevia. Problems ...

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