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Today I am  asking questions and taking no prisoners. I don’t know much about HIT I have decided that within 24 months I will know nothing about healthcare or the  systems that run it,  pay for it. I will not recognize any payers, medical groups, nor will I understand the new ICD-10 codes.  I imagine within 5  years you will not be using CPT codes, certainly not tied to billing or reimbursement. They will only  function for analytical  purposes.

When I graduated from medical school I was indoctrinated that I would have to update my skills frequently as the half-life of my data base was ten years.  Those teachers and professors were very optimistic. In most cases it is five years and in some cases perhaps one or two years.

Why has this happened ?  How do we deal with this explosion of knowledge? Our plight and fortunes in health care are not isolated issues.  How do other industries deal with this, and do they have the same magnitude of change, less, or more?

Why does the law of thermodynamics that states energy must be used to prevent organization from descending into chaos ?  Are we organizing or are we  creating chaos?

What are we doing?

How is it that the Office of the National Coordinator for  Health and Information Technology (ONCHIT) has worked with several standards organizations and has developed a certification program for interoperability among EMR vendors, and now we are reading about several EMR vendors who have agreed to a standard to make their software interoperable ????  What am I missing here?  Are they talking about a new and different standard, after years and expense of ONCHIT working all of this out.  The vast majority of current successful EMRs have adopted this standard by CCHIT, or ANSI or the        Group.

Is this all a joke?

I have no solutions, don’t look here. Whatever takes place will only be temporary at best.  This is human nature at it’s finest.

Best bet is  to maintain a sense of humor, as our friend the JOKER  demonstrates.


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