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More Risks From Fluoride

Heavy tea drinkers getting skeletal fluorosis.  The risk is much higher where water is artificially fluoridated with fertilizer waste products containing fluorsilicic acid.  This also gives you lead, mercury, arsenic and a wide range of other toxic heavy metals.  Places like Seattle and Everett along with many other Washington state communities are exposed daily to these poisons and the state health department endorses the actions.  Phoenix and many Arizona locations also are subjected to artificial fluoridation and seem to be beholden to Delta Dental's PR hype.  
Happily people are wising up and saying no, learn more about the risk of fluoridation at

Be aware that green tea is a high fluoride source and it can lead to pancreatic cancer.
Selections from Natural Health News  - 30+

Jul 22, 2011
If you follow this blog and our other web work you may know that I have frequently spoken out against green tea, especially as it is marketed to be the panacea of the world. I do drink green tea from time to time, but very ...
Feb 11, 2009
"We know that cancer patients look to green tea extracts among other natural supplements to complement their therapeutic regimens," Dr. Axel Schonthal, said in a statement. "We wanted to better understand how the ...
Apr 04, 2011
This and previous research suggests that consuming green or oolong tea is associated with lower serum folate levels in pregnant women. Given the potential adverse effects of folate deficiency on fetal malformations such as ...
Apr 05, 2011
You might think of fluoridated water as a good thing—after all, this organic compound is added to our drinking supply for a reason, right? Unfortunately, however, the bigger picture isn't quite so clear: Although water ...
May 02, 2012
I am sure Mary also is blind to the damage caused by fluoride as it is forced on thousands of Washington State citizens without their permission in the form of toxic and heavy metal laden fertilizer waste provided by Cargill.
Jul 08, 2011
Watch for fluoride is prescription drugs like antibiotics (fluorquinolones) and antidepressants (SSRI,SNRI) , as well as others. Many foods like soy and others sprayed with pesticides and herbicides contain fluoride too.
Jan 11, 2011
The New York Times just reported that a "political battle" is brewing on EPA's decision to phase out the use of sulfuryl fluoride as a food fumigant in the US. According to the Times, Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla.) wants to ...

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