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It is All Changing, Not Just Health Reform


You have been a successful physician in your area of specialty. What now?

In the relative quiet before the storm, healthcare physicians and executives at all levels should take time to rethink their career management strategies.

This not only applies to physicians but to industry as well:

Here are some other career management questions that executives should consider:

  • Do you have the intellectual horsepower to master a business model change?
  • Do you have the skills – from excellence in verbal and written communications to the ability to create innovative new strategies – to benefit from regulatory, reimbursement and market shifts?
  • Are you prepared to make the tough calls on human capital development, investing in enriching your team and to move out those who do not measure up, regardless of the personal history?
  • Do you have the passion and the energy to do what it takes to focus on the internal operations while spending more time dealing with market-wide developments?
  • Are you prepared to make the life balance sacrifices, when necessary?  Do you have the discipline to know exactly when to pull back and re-think life’s priorities?

The next seven years will be unlike any we have seen in healthcare.  Before the upheaval begins, this is a good time to take a few minutes to ask:  “Is this what I really want to do with my life?”

Rob Lamberts M.D. The Master of his own fate… Dr. Lambert has always been an “early adopter”. Rob seems to anticipate the next paradigm shift or catalytic change in health care.


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