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First Amendment Extends to Health


2004 Democratic Convention Freedom of Speech Zone.

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We physician bloggers and social media gurus have a tremendous responsibility as we take risks reaching out to our patients, legislators, insurers, and other pundits when we express our honest opinions.

Ben Brown wrote in his blog a well written and graphic  appraisal about the ‘Deceptive Income of Physicians”.  There are over 800 comments, 95% in agreement, 3% opposed and 2% saying it’s true but we should not ‘complain’ because we are “so lucky” and fortunate.  I disagree.

In fact I posted  a reply,  “Physician Privilege”  which drew some critical comments from some very highly respected “authorities” on health systems.  The reply to me was at the same time,  right, and wrong. Wrong because they felt I diminished my stature by my anger and frustration at what has happened to our privileged and beloved profession., and the fact that the wheels are coming off the bus, along with the rest of our society. We all have a right to express our thoughts, good, bad or indifferent. Disagreements can occur among agreeable people. Legally it’s protected by the First Amendment (Freedom of speech).

There is passion on both sides of this ‘fence’. The fence established a boundary, both protecting  each from the other, and a barrier to understanding and agreements. Perhaps this is human nature.


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