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Op-ed:   Gary M. Levin M.D.

The Riddle

The Health Train Express is leaving the station and perhaps the tracks with many physicians not onboard. This despite health providers never ending pleas to delay the departure.

Many have not boarded because the train really does not know where it is going, nor what the actual fare will be, nor it’s destination.  (Sound familiar?) It should, because that is what the Accountable Care Act offers.  Despite the goal of taking everyone to some destination, and providing ‘free tickets or deeply discounted fares, there is much reluctance to believe or trust the conductors or the barons of the train industry.

For some, the ACA is good news and virtually guarrantees employment for nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and many physician extenders.

There is a serious disconnect between providers, hospitals and payers, not just in reimbursement needs, but in overall organizational liason.  Every hospital and provider seems to be on it’s own track, and the patient comes in dead last. Hence the badly needed patient-centric approach.

Why not ?  It’s complicated.

As far as electronic records are concerned it is far more complex than the ubiquitous ATM (long used as a comparison between banking and medicine).  The advocates were wrong.

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