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Medicine’s new rock star is a quiet but outspoken Pediatric Neurosurgeon, the Head of the Pediatric Neurosurgery Department at John Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland. He received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in June 2008 the highest civilian award in the United States. It recognizes those individuals who have made "an especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States, world peace, cultural or other significant public or private endeavors

PresMedalFreedom.jpg Presidential Medal of Freedom

Carson’s ratings have skyrocketed since his keynote speech at the National Press Club’s annual event.  Sitting at the dais with Barak Obama at this right, Carson set a high benchmark for values and morality.  Obama who considers himself a benchmark for social justice seemed dazed and unable to respond.

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America !  Ben Carson has your attention, so listen  carefully. The attacks on Carson have begun, with PC statements about ‘gays’ which Carson apologized about.

The best way to divert attention from the message and/or messenger is to introduce chaos with a totally irrelevant complaint. Carson’s message is one every American, politician and decision maker needs to keep in his mind (and heart) while they go about their business.

Although famous in a relatively small subspecialty of medicine, Carson was not well known to the general public.  His academic and surgical skills have taught many neurosurgeons to accomplish what once seemed impossible.1

Thus far he has been accused of being disrespectful to the leader of the free world, using derogatory remarks about gays.  Soon there will be accusations of infidelity, pedophilia (he does operate on children).  Of course none of which are true.

Did I tell you that he was born into a poor black family ?  Images of his hard working mother standing watch over him and his brother insisting they read each night.  Ben’s life could have gone in the opposite direction. 

Carson is at the age of retirement from his medical practice, however we will be hearing a lot more from him about social issues.  I recommend everyone read his biography, and the other books he has written on his Amazon Page .

Carson has the ability to carve out the essential forces at work in society which have become over-riding and interfering with proper decision making which threaten the fabric of American ideals.

We now live in a ‘comfort zone’ where decisions are based upon the profit, either in money or influence, rather than the true value of a decision.

Ben Carson MD is one of the true voices of American Medicine, he deserves all our support regardless of your mode of practice, solo, group, integrated health system.

His essential message to  us all is to maintain our integrity of beliefs and insist they be met by our health system.

His not so shocking message is not that surprising to any of us at all. The shocker is that he makes it so plain that maybe even a President could understand it.  President Obama has made no comment, thus far.

The Republicans seem anxious to appropriate him for their own selfish purpose.  I advise Ben to stay independent.



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