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Senior citizens often are interested in technology, however by it’s very nature it tends to discourage them.  New tech often is more complex by its very nature, especially in the Windows world. Apple became  successful with well engineered hardware married to a keep it simple mantra for its software.  They also thought out of the box, with iPhone, and iPad.

Jitterbug (a simple flip phone) catering to older patients provides a minimalistic approach in a flip cell phone with large numbers and buttons.


Attribution given to: “Techcrunch”

Smartphone design and apps are about to catch up with Fujitu’s Stylistic S-01 .



Moving on to the software, this is where the phone really stands out from the Android crowd, thanks to a simplified custom UI that foregrounds key functions, tucks away complexity and does a spot of thoughtful hand-holding — with help buttons and guides and even a phone manual included on the device. The homescreen is divided up into large, clearly labelled icons that decrease in size as you scroll down to reach functions that are likely to be accessed less.

The Fujitsu S-01 form is easy to grip, and works well for arthritic hands, the touch screen requires more force to activate it, allowing the user to feel more in control, and not be subject to errors due to fine tremors..

All it needs are a Facebook app, a Twitter client, and Google apps with larger icons.

This device could greatly increase the use of mobile apps among seniors.

Fujitsu is releasing the phone in Europe (France) first.    Mention was made of the Telecom/Orange carrier that will carry the S-01 , and was found at the World Mobile Congress for a hands on demonstration.

Now Fujitsu is not the first to enter the senior mobile space. Other established players include Emporia, which basically makes simplified feature phones, and Doro, which makes a mix of devices (including dabbling in tablet software)


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