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For a very long time I have, on my web sites and in this blog as well as in other articles I write for different publications, been alerting people to the extreme risks associated with statin drugs. 

I recently wrote an article for my column with Sinclair News on this topic. 

What is so alarming is the fact the the Big PhRMA firms that have been manufacturing these drugs for more than 20 years knew the risks.  What's worse in my mind is that they also probably knew the effects on health would be serious and there was really no long term benefit other than their own bank account and shareholder dividends.

Is it worth it to you to trade in your health?  After reading this new report you might begin to wonder if you already haven't.
Statin drugs can accelerate cardiovascular problems, a new report has discovered. The drugs harden the major arteries, they are a main cause of type 2 diabetes in healthy people  and accelerate the major health problems in those who already have diabetes, say researchers from the Phoenix Veterans Affairs' Healthcare System in Arizona. 
Researchers monitored the health of 197 patients with type 2 diabetes and their use of stains. Coronary artery rigidity, or calcification, was far more accelerated in the patients who were regular statin users. Patients who weren't initially taking a statin soon developed hardening of the coronary arteries once they started using the drug regularly. The researchers fear their latest discoveries are just he tip of the iceberg of statin-associated adverse effects. Their database lists 300 different adverse side-effects, including weakening of the heart muscle and increases in the risk of type 2 diabetes by 48% especially in post-menopausal women.

(Diabetes Care, 2012 Aug 8; Epub ahead of print: PMID: 22875226.)


May 28, 2010
ScienceDaily (2010-05-27) -- The type and dosage of statin drugs given to patients to treat heart disease should be proactively monitored as they can have unintended adverse effects, concludes a new study. ... > read full ...
Jan 10, 2012
For years, more than a dozen at least, I have been covering the statin drug issue. My focus has been to educate people about the serious risks of this drug class and to help them realize that what they are being told is not ...
Nov 09, 2008
All the statin drugs can cause rhabdomyolysis and kidney failure. In most cases the kidney failure is secondary to blocking of the tiny kidney tubules by the breakdown fragments of muscle cells. The mechanism of action here ...
Mar 05, 2011
I can remember over a decade ago when I first started alerting people to the severe risk of statin drugs. Even so Big PhRMA has continued to blur your vision in more ways than one. In their effort to boost profit over health, ...

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