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Hospital First to Recognize Wireless Illnesses

It's been eight years since I gave my first hospital presentation about Wireless Radiation and Health.  I am available to discuss this topic with media and health care facilities, provider and consumer groups.

Toronto Hospital is First to Recognize Symptoms from Wireless Radiation

Canada NewsWire
TORONTO, June 18, 2012 /CNW/ - Women's College Hospital says family doctors must learn to detect the symptoms of exposure to wireless radiation.

The hospital released a statement saying the symptoms include disrupted sleep, headaches, nausea, dizziness, heart palpitations, memory problems, and skin rashes. These symptoms are now labelled Electro-magnetic Hyper-sensitivity, or "EMS". "Health-care practitioners need to better understand EMS so they can help their patients," said Dr. Riina Bray, medical director of the hospital's Environmental Health Clinic.

Dr. Bray says the world is becoming dominated by wireless internet, cell phones and cell towers, and there can be a broad range of health impacts. The hospital's Environmental Health Clinic has begun holding educational workshops on the subject for doctors.

Last year the World Health Organization placed microwave radiation from wireless internet and cell phones on an official Cancer watch-list. Since then several schools have removed their wifi systems and the Catholic teacher's union in Ontario has called for a moratorium on wifi installations in classrooms.
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Selections from Natural Health News

Feb 14, 2009
Quite a few years ago I presented a program to some nurses in Lewiston, Idaho focused on the health impact of EMF and a coming storm of health problems that would be - more likely than not - unable to be diagnosed by ...
Feb 18, 2012
Real EMF Danger. Vatican radio waves blamed for high cancer risk ... Posted by herbalYODA at 15:49 · Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook. Labels: cancer and EMF, EMF. 1 comments: West Coast Family .
Jul 15, 2010
"There has been an important, coherent and meaningful correlation between exposure to Vatican Radio's structures and the risk of leukaemia and lymphoma in children," the report said, according to the daily La Stampa.
Jan 28, 2012
Real EMF Danger. Vatican radio waves blamed for high cancer risk ... Posted by herbalYODA at 15:49 · Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook. Labels: cancer and EMF, EMF. 1 comments: West Coast Family .
Jun 05, 2010
(CNN) -- San Francisco, California, likely will become the first U.S. city to require cell phone companies to disclose how much radiation their gadgets emit. The city's board of supervisors voted 10-1 on Tuesday in favor of a law ...
Dec 13, 2008
“It would be a mistake to jump to conclusions about hybrid E.M.F. dangers, as well as a mistake to outright dismiss the concern,” said Jim Kliesch, a senior engineer for the clean vehicles program at the Union of Concerned ...
Dec 01, 2007
It has been many years sicne I started on a campaign to educate the public about risks of EMF. It is always a welme event to find more and more information on the risks to health brought out in the mainstream press. Reading ...
May 01, 2010
I venture to guess that the anonymous poster isn't as aware as the cell phone companies who include the risks in their patents, or the work of Dr. Neil Cherry. Now the FCC ... Labels: cell phones, EMF, SAR levels, wireless ...
Sep 14, 2008
Radiofrequency, Wireless, Cell Phone and EMF Risks Source: IGEF Internationale Gesellschaft für Elektrosmog-Forschung (International company for electrosmog-research), by way of the EMF Guru. Mr. Wulf Dietrich Rose, ...
Nov 08, 2008
I've been writing and teaching about these same issues for more than ten years and of course have been ridiculed many times for my thinking on the health risks of EMF and WIFI/microwave. Things are most likely to get worse ...
Sep 27, 2008
If you are ill-informed on the microwave and health risks, EMF, cell phones/towers, WIFI, et al, perhaps you best start delving more into the issues. After all, DTV is on the way in just a few more months. See Also WEEP News ...
Oct 04, 2008
We have been writing about the risks and hazards of EMF for a decade or so by now and as each day passes much more information is divulged about the negative effects of mobile phones and other EMF conveniences.

Jul 30, 2008
I have been researching the research on cell phones and EMF for more than a decade. I know that digital phones are considered as or more dangerous as the old analog style. The danger is from the constant pulsing of EMF ...
Dec 21, 2009
Sorry that the fellow that left his threat about moderating his comment didn't have the intellectual capacity to do just a modicum of research about the known risks of EMF (microwave)related to cell phone/WIFI use known to be ...
Aug 14, 2008
Excessive Exposure to Cumulative EMF. 16 August UPDATE: Double Standard for Radiation ... Experts caution that such tags pose huge privacy and safety risks to the public. Used to track inventory in warehouses, RFID tags ...
Jan 17, 2009
Electromagnetic hypersensitivity is a growing health concern and, according to Dr. Howard Fisher, a Toronto chiropractor and author of The Invisible Threat, The Risks Associated with EMFs, it can be attributed to several ...
Mar 05, 2011
When it came to speak about the risks of EMF, thyroid, and cell phone use all of these women look at me as if they had walked into a fog. The sad part of this is that as soon as I was leaving I noticed they all started making ...
Jul 20, 2011
This month, being Women's Health Month, I especially hope for women that they come to understand the specific risks uncovered ... Natural Health News: Cell Phones, Other EMF Exposure and Your Health. May 01, 2010 ...
Oct 13, 2007
He's from the electronic generation and like most 24 year-olds-going-on-18 he thinks that any article in the newspaper that tells him cell phones are safe means that I am wrong in my longtime stance about health risks of EMF ...
Mar 22, 2009
I don't think I need to say more. Effects of Mobile Phone Radio Frequency on the Structure and Function of the Normal Human Hemoglobin Please use the search function to locate my other posts on EMF, health risks and Cell ...
Feb 18, 2006
For many years I have been educating about the risks of EMF/ELF. In the general realm of this industry, few, if any, customers realize the health risks, even while the evidence in solid research is mounting rapidly. It is not just ...
Jun 11, 2011
Three clinical phases were distinguished: an initial stage during which EMF exposure can induce headaches, a sensation of heating in the ear and other parts of the body, especially the upper part of the body, tinnitus, ocular abnormalities, myalgia, and, in some cases, dermatitis and symptoms such as chest tightness, palpitations, ... The risk of Alzheimer s, which can arise in young persons from age 45, is moreover much more important than the risk of cancer.
Jun 04, 2010
X-ray exposure is cumulative and over all carries with it a real increased risk of developing cancer. This includes medical x-ray, dental x-ray, chiropractic x-ray, mammogram, airport scanners, and EMF exposure from ...
Aug 25, 2007
In a letter in The Lancet medical journal, Dr Stephan Braune of the University Neurology Clinic in Freiburg, Germany said that radio-frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF) emitted by the telephones pumped up the blood pressure of 10 young volunteers who ... Mobile telephones have been linked to a variety of health problems ranging from fatigue, headaches to burning skin, but there is still no proof that the gadgets pose any serious health risks -- REUTERS, AFP.
Aug 13, 2008
Drug prohibition – an untenable hypocrisy · Food Risks, more than just GMO · Rhus Tox · Scientists stop the ageing process · Excessive Exposure to Cumulative EMF · GM Crops: Environmental Disaster - UPDATE...
May 18, 2010
He must also have missed Dr Geroge Carlo's seminal studies completed over a decade ago that indicates the risks of using wired head sets. Current EMF warnings urge cell phone users to use the speaker phone function on ...
Apr 04, 2011
For several years now we have been warning against the use of CFL low energy fluorescent light bulbs based on their mercury content and the EMF emitted from the transformer (like the ballast in fluorescent tube lighting) as a health ... Natural Health News: More Risk with CFL light bulbs. Jan 17, 2009. Over the past two years on this blog (Natural Health News) we have posted about a dozen articles regarding the risks of CFL light bulbs to your health. Many other ...
Oct 11, 2010
At a recent conference, a hacker revealed a cheap, homemade device that has the potential to intercept calls from a variety of cell phones. How to tell if you're at risk. Natural Health News: Cell Phones, Other EMF Exposure ...
Jul 01, 2008
Hands free devices, like Blue Tooth, have health risks similar to the cell phone itself. The distraction from EMF inside the vehicle is still an issue. Many studies have proven this to be fact. Other health risks ensue to the driver ...
Jul 23, 2008
Pittsburgh cancer center warns of cell phone risks · Cell Phone EMF Shields. By JENNIFER C. YATES and SETH BORENSTEIN The head of a prominent cancer research institute issued an unprecedented warning to his ...
Jun 26, 2010
He pointed out that for a very long time the FCC has had on its licensing exam a question regarding the fact that EMF (radio waves) are a known cause of cataract. This article ..... Himalayan Salt FAD May Be a Health Risk ...
May 21, 2008
The magnetic field energy is identified as a health risk. Here is a study that will try to identify what the concerns are. ... What does exposure to this type of EMF do to my health? Experts are to investigate whether magnetic ...

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