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The time, it is forever changing

Kedar N. Prasad, PhD
This time the change may be back to the past, and to tell you the truth it really annoys me.

Not that it is a personal annoyance, its more like one huge road block put in your path  because other people's ignorance can really harm your health.

I think it is strange in a Jim Morrison kind of way that some get turned into celebrities by the media  not really based on out come but because they are on TV or they get interviewed by someone else in the TV spotlight.

Just because someone is on TV really does not mean they are an expert in what they plie on their show. Remember that every show has sponsors and producers.  If the recommend something it does not really mean it is effective or effective for you.  All it is is mass marketing.  And where are you when that suggestion fails you?

Its also like aggregator web sites.  They fill their pages with info taken from other sources, make it look as if this was original material, and never give you and thing to assure you it might be bogus while trying to make it look like the latest hot new discovery or cure.

Thinking of something Dannion Brinkley said not too long ago about how he believes that the it is through healthcare that the globalists will find the key to controlling the world.

If you accept Dannion's premise then it won't surprise you when I suggest how crazy it is to find too loud Jillian Michaels on "Everyday Health" as one of their 'talking heads'.

And to me it is even crazier to think she has an interview with David Agus MD about cancer.

Now mind you, I do have to agree with him on the failure of the establishment on the issue of prevention.
Agus states:  " ... we can win the war on cancer — but not the way we’re fighting it now.“We’ve made almost no impact on making people live longer with cancer,” he says in an interview ... noting that the death rate is down only 8 percent over the past six decades.Part of the problem, ..., is the way we think about the disease. “Instead of just trying to shrink the cancer, which buys a little bit of time, I want to change the entire state of your body. But I know, as a cancer doctor, I’m not that good. And I know that I lose two or three patients a week — and I don’t want to do that anymore.”The solution, he explains, is not to treat the disease but to stop it from happening in the first place. “Most cancers are preventable. We’ve got to take aggressive stances in that regard.”He goes on to tell you however, to ditch your vitamins and get your nutrients from food.
And this is where we part ways.  The parting is of course because clearly Agus has failed to do the research that proves, even if it is organic, the nutrient level in food has diminished over the years.  It  is worse for products grown in commercial agriculture.

I of course support organic and buying local but I also know that not everyone can afford this.  And so what does Agus offer you if you fall in the less affluent part of our culture?

Not much.

But our Food Cleansing Healthy Handout does and it is an inexpensive way to make food healthier.

And being that we believe in supplements, the correct choices of supplements so that it isn't a one size fits all, but a targeted approach to regaining your health.  The science on supplements supports my position, even for cancer.  Maybe something will change some day for Agus and he will see the light.

Let's hope, and work to prove Dannion wrong.

If you are looking for conscientious help in the area of supplements for health consider Health Forensics.

Read more: confusion about supplements here.


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