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Fluoride and Vaccine Failures FMI
I am sure Mary Selecky, the Washington State Department of Health Secretary, has made no effort to keep up with the facts about vaccines, their toxins, their risk to health, and the options that should be made available to parents as she continues to hawk "Get a Shot" in reaction to the whooping couch outbreak among already vaccinated children. You need this, she says, because the shots wear off.

I am sure Mary also is blind to the damage caused by fluoride as it is forced on thousands of Washington State citizens without their permission in the form of toxic and heavy metal laden fertilizer waste provided by Cargill.

No Mary, fluoride does not truly prevent cavities.  Fluoride also causes fluorosis that impacts teeth and your skeleton.  Fluoride based osteoporosis drugs are implicated in jaw necrosis and now even ADA dentists primed to push this poison on patients are screening for it in the new patient health history form.  Gee, do you think they can connect the dots?

Now, just a week or so after I had a nice talk with a grandmother about the risk of the pertussis shot, I got a great and welcome surprise from JAMA. I was explaining to the grandmother that the nurse who told her daughter in law it was safe to get a pertussis shot while pregnant as it will also help protect the baby is grossly misinforming her, and risking not only her health but that of her baby.

The insanity just seems to get worse by the day, and Selecky's department continues to cover up its own fraud and record destruction to avoid exposing their attack on me for blowing the whistle on insurance fraud, medical record fabrication and extreme patient safety issues . The evidence is compelling.  One of the best pieces is their disregard for factual information they have on my 1977 application for license by endorsement. But this is for another story on another day.

I wrote about how vitamin C can be helpful to parents in this whooping cough situation because I care about public health, something I do not see from WA DOH.  That information is here. There is a legal requirement for any health provider to provide you with both sides of the story, something WA DOH has not done for decades, and probably so have other states and health providers.

While we hear about malaria vaccines and drugs failing Bill Gates continues to push this agenda.  We don't hear about the benefits of vitamin A for this or pneumonia.

While we hear now - at last - about the fraud in medical research -

Critics who deplore the commercialization of medical research have raised concerns about scientific fraud and misconduct that are undermining the integrity of the medical-scientific literature, and the practice of "evidence-based medicine"--- which relies on published journal reports. Recent analyses of retractions of published peer-reviewed journal reports provide supportive evidence for those critics.

Now we have the AMA reporting in its very own publication about the problem with immune suppression and fluoride.  And yes, the outcome is vaccine failure.

Looks like you might not need that extra shot after all.

And to be sure, for the Benton County(WA) Health Department head that did not reply to my correspondence to her, she should know that not all the information found on the internet is questionable.  Does she forget that FDA and CDC are on the internet too, just like the WA DOH.

Should we be trusting what they say?

From Natural Health News

Vaccine does not stop pneumonia

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