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Heart Health Month is here

3 Feb 2012
During Heart Month we are offering ARTERIOZYME, a natural enzymatic supplement that may help remove plaque from your arteries and improve health. 
Originally posted 17 2005

80% of patients who develop coronary artery disease have "normal" cholesterol levels.

On July 13, 2004 commercial media announced statements from U.S. health officials recommending new guidelines for Cholesterol levels. The recommendations are based on results of new clinical trials showing the benefit of cholesterol-lowering therapy in high-risk patients and support the ATP III treatment goal of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) <100>

Preventing heart disease requires much more than simply screening for high cholesterol in the blood. "Although this approach has been useful, it fails to identify almost one-half of the 1.3 million individuals who develop MI [myocardial infarction] in the US each year who have either normal or only moderately increased serum cholesterol concentrations," researchers have pointed out.1

What's more, an estimated 80% of patients who develop coronary artery disease have cholesterol levels (as measured by standard lipid profiles) comparable to those in healthy individuals.2 And nearly half of all cases of premature coronary artery disease are missed when using only current standard guidelines for cholesterol testing.3

Even among patients who have been identified with high cholesterol, a significant number of individuals do not respond to routine lipid reduction strategies, or, they go on to experience a cardiac event despite drops in cholesterol.4

This cumulative evidence clearly underscores the urgency of assessing patients with more advanced cardiovascular risk markers than those included in standard lipid panels.

The Comprehensive Cardiovascular Profile 2.0 incorporates the latest breakthroughs in cardiovascular disease research to provide advanced, early warning of CVD risk. This thorough evaluation features an advanced lipid profile with fractionation, independent risk markers (including homocysteine and hs-C-reactive protein), relative risk indices, and Metabolic Syndrome alerts. All of these advanced markers play a critical role in the biochemical environment underlying cardiovascular health. The insight they provide allows the clinician to accurately address abnormalities relating to heart and vascular diseases.

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