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Chipping you with drugs

This last week several articles hit the news about the use of microchips to administer drugs.  Some people may think this is a great advance in pharmaceutical science but I got shivers reading it.  Worse was thinking about the consequences from the well known risk of EMF exposure and tumours from pet chips.

What to me is worse is the first trial was designed to deliver a drug prescribed mainly to women, although men get it as well: The osteoporosis drugs.

Osteoporosis drugs have many drawbacks.  The same drugs have many risks including the risk of very bad fractures and having your jaw bone eaten away (necrosis).  For the most part the drugs are fluoride based and cause the osteoclasts in the bone health cycle to be stopped. In this study, however parathyroid hormone was used with the rationale that people do not like to get injections.

No one seems to think about the drug risks let alone the chip risk or more exposure to EMF that we do know causes cancer.
'Pharmacy on a chip' gets closerBy Jonathan Amos
The futuristic idea that microchips could be implanted under a patient's skin to control the release of drugs has taken another step forward.
US scientists have been testing just such a device on women with the bone-wasting disease osteoporosis.
The chip was inserted in their waist and activated by remote control.
In his article Amos did note that one device failed. In the report of the study the information about the failures in the very small sample size used was not noted.

Serious concerns must have been ignored by the "scientists".

What does happen if the device fails?
What does happen if the device administers all the doses at one time?
What does happen if the device explodes?
What does happen if the person with the device gets a cancerous tumour? (This is a foreign body.)
What does happen if other environmental factors constantly ping this device?

Many more questions must be asked.

And what if this is a way to track your every move?

Read up on risks of microchips for companion animals, this is relevant information for people chipping too -

Ask us about our natural care approaches to bone health.

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