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Beware EMF: Food and Health

I started educating people and writing about the health impact of EMF more than two decades ago.  I spoke on the hazardous use of microwave ovens even earlier.  As more and more EMF devices litter our environment we are certainly more at risk of real health dangers.

Read what one engineer has to say -

Cancer and Home Appliances
Alasdair Philips is qualified in both Electrical- and Electronic Engineering, as well as Agricultural Engineering.
In 1998, he started the British organization Power Watch, which is committed to uncovering the specific details of how electromagnetic fields (EMFs) affect our health and how we can practically protect ourselves against detrimental effects.
Mr. Philips is also a member of SAGE (the UK Department of Health Stakeholder Group on ELF EMFs) and a member of the UK Health Protection Agency's EMF Discussion Group.
Another early group he became involved with was called Electronics and Computing for Peace. COMPLETE ARTICLE

Selections from Natural Health News

Dec 11, 2009
That's the chemical in artificial butter flavoring that has been blamed for sickening hundreds of workers, killing a handful and destroying the lungs of at least three microwave popcorn addicts. Almost every other popcorn maker ...
Dec 18, 2009
A: For maximum safety, yes -- take the food out of the plastic before you microwave it. Even when plastics are labeled "microwave-safe," very small amounts of chemicals, such as Bisphenol-A (BPA), can leach out of them into ...
Mar 02, 2010
Dear OPRAH, NO MICROWAVE COOKING PLEASE! I am saddened by Oprah's promotion of microwave exposure on food. I just hope she makes an effort to stop telling people that microwaving food is just fine and dandy.
Nov 25, 2007
Summary: In this study, researchers set out to determine the effects of various approaches to microwave cooking (with differences in time cooked, power used, and use of water) on various health-promoting compounds found ...

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