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Now that millions have seen the true colors of the Komen Foundation Following its withdrawal of funding from Planned Parenthood I'm posting a selection of our articles on "PINK" from over the years.

After 20+ years of PINK there is no cure. And there is little aimed at prevention and different screening and treatment options that may be better than what if offered and supported by Komen.

I applied one year for a grant to do education and was denied.  I take it that my focus to help women learn about options was not on the agenda for Brinker.

This also says too that the Pink Lid campaign from General Mills ignored a request for a grant from the 501c3 non profit that sponsors this blog.

I started educating in earnest against the lineal mind set of breast cancer care and lack of sure in the early 90s.

The fact that Komen backed mammography screening was advised against in the early 70s by an expert in radiation effects is also quite unknown. It was opposed because it was expected to increase the risk of breast cancer, which it has done.

Now with the outrage and backpedaling from Komen on awards to Planned Parenthood, mostly effecting poor women, Alternet has picked up on some of what we have been saying for decades.

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There are quite a few more that listed here which you can locate with our search function.

Jan 21, 2007
General Mills won't support Creating Health Institute's Women's Health programs (especially those we provide to people with limited income) through the pink lids program. Komen never responds when we submit a proposal.
Apr 26, 2010
The sprawling chicken purveyor and Susan G. Komen for the Cure® have teamed up "to raise funds and spread breast cancer awareness and educational messaging" via a campaign at 5000 KFC restaurants. Participating ...
Jan 04, 2010
It seems as if the controversy over Hadassah Lieberman, the Senator's wife, is on the payroll of the Komen Foundation to the tune of about $300K a year. Gary Locke's wife is on their payroll too, most likely lobbying while she's ...
Sep 30, 2009
After five years of asking consumers to collect and send in Yoplait pink foil lids to raise money for Komen, Yoplait sought a way to enhance consumer involvement and elevate its brand awareness in the crowded breast cancer ...

Oct 01, 2008
We at Creating Health Institute would be very grateful if we could get donations for our year-long women's health initiative from Komen or other corporate programs that promote Komen. Donations for this effort go a long way to ...

Feb 24, 2011
4 September 2010 - The Pink Cause Marketing is getting underway once again. I just received a spam from a PR firm about a massage clinic in Seattle that would give $15 from each massage to the Komen Foundation.
Sep 04, 2010
I just received a spam from a PR firm about a massage clinic in Seattle that would give $15 from each massage to the Komen Foundation. I wrote the fellow back and explained a few things about the Politics of Pink. Here at ...
Apr 04, 2009
Just this week I sent a message to the Inland NW contingent of the Komen Foundation who are gearing up for another "Race for the Cure". My message was the same: "Why aren't you providing women with the facts about ...

Oct 13, 2009
With their "Buckets for the Cure" campaign, KFC and Susan G. Komen for the Cure are telling us to buy buckets of unhealthy food to cure a disease that kills women. When a company purports to care about breast cancer by ...
Sep 21, 2009
I direct a 501c3 organization and I can't get General Mills/Kraft to donate to it for our educational efforts, like this blog for example, as they give only to Komen. Komen refuses to communicate with my office. Maybe there is a ...
Similarly, Yoplait requires participants in its “Save Lids to Save Lives” campaign to either mail lids to the company or enter a code online to donate a whopping 10 cents to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Why not donate a ...
Jan 18, 2009
The Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation and Bristol-Myers Squibb, which makes the imaging agent used in the study, paid for the work. The next test will be to see how MBI stacks up against MRI. The federal government ...

Mar 25, 2010
"We hope that no one comes away from these studies with the idea that they're an attempt to 'blame' anyone for breast cancer," said Diana Rowden, a vice president at Susan G. Komen for the Cure, a breast cancer group in ...
Apr 23, 2008
The study was funded by the National Institutes of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, the Komen Foundation for the Cure, and the Wilmot Cancer Center. Adapted from materials provided by University of Rochester Medical ...

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