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Hormone Disruption: Fluoride and Your Wireless Device

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It shows that long term exposure (six years) to both cellphones and their base stations can alter human hormone profiles.

The most significant (which the authors describe as highly significant in the text) are their effects on the thyroid hormones, which show a marked reduction over this period. Although the authors do not say it (I suspect that they dare not if they want to get their work published) this would result in hypothyroidism, the most important symptoms of which are fatigue and obesity. 

WEEP reader comments:

If cellphone exposure is combined with a fluoridated water supply, the low thyroid outcome is even more likely.

See this history of the fluorine/iodine antagonism connection, and the use of fluorine-based drugs to treat overactive thyroid.

Please join the spreading campaign to remove fluoride (from toxic-waste source) out of drinking water.

'This water-based “wet scrubber” hydrofluorosilicic acid, containing the contaminants, is then taken out of the chimneys and stored in open-air cooling lakes, further exposed to airborne contaminants. Industry produces millions of gallons of this liquid hazardous waste. It costs thousands of dollars per ton to properly neutralize and dispose of hydrofluorosilicic acid, therefore, industry would rather just sell it to you as “product”.'

And then if you are exposed to mercury too... and then the EMF shuts down detox, well we have got to do something about the use of these toxic substances.  Martin Weatherall, WEEP.

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