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When I read last month that the Komen Foundation was pinkwashing a perfume I just thought, "What now?" According to Breast Cancer Action this perfume is a chemical soup of toxic substances that are linked with cancer. You can decide for your self, but I support raising a stink! Another taboo topic from Komen is BREAST CANCER PREVENTION. And another is BPA. And yet another is THERMOGRAPHY. Here's a comment from a breast cancer survivor about thermography. She commented on a report that breast cancer survivors need ongoing mammograms. More mammograms = more breast cancer.

Where I live the rural hospital doctors do not want to learn anything new according to the administrator, so women in this area will not be able to have the best care. It is no different for men because I have been educating against PSA for at least a decade.
I am a breast cancer survivor and I will NEVER have another mammogram. It did not find my tumor the first time(I did) so I do not have any confidence it would again. Instead I have opted for thermography, which is safer and painless. As I continuously work to detox my breast from the effects of radiation, I can actually see the improvements on a thermograph since therms can see the physiological changes in breasts. This is especially helpful for women like me who have denser breasts. It is time to stop this nonsense that themography is not a viable way to determine possible breast cancers. It is cheap and painless, and if more women had access, we would save a lot more lives than mammos do, which are also damaging to the breast. The only reason thermography is not a standard of care is because we have no insurance codes for it, thanks to extensive lobbying by the mammography industry who continue to falsely claim therms are unreliable. Any diagnostic test is only as reliable as the person who interprets it. Obviously, the tech who read my mammogram was not reliable. So why isn't anyone using the stats for all these missed tumors when they laud mammos? These are our breasts. WE should have the right to choose. If the medical community really cares about women's lives, they would fight to make thermography a standard of care. Then we would really save lives. I agree and you should too, it detects 10 years earlier and does not raise your risk of breast cancer.
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