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As so many cling to every word from Dr. Oz, this is a very telling comment in regard to the lack of fully factual information you get on his show -

"The Dr. Oz Show" has gained the trust of millions of consumers. Recommendations of ingredients on his TV program move markets in a way that no other media mention can. Despite issues raised with the accuracy of some of the information relayed on the show." Source

Another organization says - 
Dr. Oz Raises Awareness of Pain in America! The Dr. Oz Show interviewed top doctors this week about a familiar subject— pain. Dr. Oz was shocked to learn what so many of us live with every day. Pain is prevalent, finding good pain care is hard, and women face discrimination when it comes to pain assessment and treatment.
How ever you interpret this we think he can do a much better job in educating you about the benefits of natural healing.

If you want to know more 

Selections from Natural Health News

Mar 28, 2010
I happened to notice a link to the Oprah show bulletin broad and their Q & A for Dr Oz having to do with vitamin D, Fosamax, cell phones and irregular heart beat. What stuck me is that one of the queries posted was by a ...

Mar 17, 2010
Oprah and Oz: Maybe their answers are missing some... New from Tanka Bar · When a little hype can cause big health problems · Data Safety · Vitamin A and Arsenic Effectively Treat Leukemia, . ...
Aug 08, 2011
Earlier than this, along with an expert on the subject, we tackled mis-information being promoted by Dr Oz's "Real Age". ... Natural Health News: Sunscreen Allergies. May 15, 2011. In 2008 Natural Health News reported on ...
Mar 12, 2009
You will need: 1 quart of organic raw apple cider vinegar 1 pound garlic cloves 8 oz. comfrey root 4 oz. each of oak bark, marshmallow root, mullein flowers, rosemary flowers, lavender flowers, wormwood, black walnut leaves ...

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