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I have been advised that short blog posts with bullet points is best for readers, and writers. So here is the first edition of precise bullet pointed remarks

  • I have been very active exploring Google + and the use of the ‘Hangout” in which up to 10 people can participate simultaneously with video, audio, chat, and share YouTube Videos. If you need an ‘invite’ either send me an email, or make a comment.
  • Stanford University is offering a Medicine 2.0 Congress during September. I hope to see you there:  Medicine 2.0  Preliminary Program
  • Social Media is what you make it. There is no paradigm..some use it for purely social reasons, some create art, music, businesses, train, educate, learn, find strangers with similar interests. I try to check in daily on all the SM platforms.
  • I write to opine, not to please,impress, nor to build huge friend or follow lists. If my writing builds those, so be it.
  • My blog is sometimes serious, credible, humorous, outrageous, ranting, and usually surprising.
  • Health Train Express is now in it’s 8th year of existence, with a total of almost 1,000 blog posts.
  • About once a month I update my blog roll, adding or deleting blogs. If there have been no new posts for 90 days or more the blog is deleted. If you would like to be added, make a comment or send me an email 

See you on the net !

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"Dengan berbicara di belakang, berarti kau cukup menghargai keberadaanku untuk tidak bertingkah di depan mukaku."

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